Updated Codes of Practice for dogs & equines

On Monday 12 November, the Welsh Government published their updated Codes of Practice for dogs and equines.

Dog: https://beta.gov.wales/code-of-practice-for-the-welfare-of-dogs

Equine: https://beta.gov.wales/code-of-practice-for-the-welfare-of-horses

Codes of practice play a vital role in providing owners and keepers of certain species with key welfare information, to help them ensure the needs of their animals are adequately met. As such, the launch of these updated Codes for dogs and equines is a key moment for both species.

The Animal Welfare Network for Wales (AWNW) was delighted to have had the opportunity to re-draft these codes; pooling expertise from across the sector to ensure the welfare advice and information is up-to-date, relevant and will best protect animals across Wales.

We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with the Welsh Government, and urge anyone connected with the sector – from veterinary professionals and welfare groups, to owners and keepers, to take note of these Codes of Practice, and share the role they play in ensuring needs are adequately met under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.